Meet Miital

You’re lucky if you know your purpose in life at birth but you’re fierce if you find the purpose along the way, mine was such one!Choosing a path in the arts is not an easy one especially if you come from a family of Doctors! 


The artistic seed was always there but I acquiesced to the pressure from my traditional South Asian Doctor-Parents and followed their dream of  Degree in Pharma for Northeastern and took a handsomely paying job. On the day I was offered my very first job in the pharma world, was I overjoyed? Hell No. Tears flowing from my eyes were not tears of joy. It was tears of realization that my soul was telling me that this is not your path. Never had I thought in my life that enlightenment would come like this!


Navigating through the world of acting, I worked on my craft at some of the best schools in NYC. I had the pleasure to perform at the South Asian Theatre festival portraying one of the iconic queens of India. Recently, I worked on the second season of the famous comedy web-series ‘MetroPark”  based on the life of South Asians in the USA. 

Speaker of more than five languages, I am in love with the process of learning languages and have surprised casting with auditioning in the language I do not know with prompt learning! 

A Former Pharmacist, a National record holder, I am a daughter of the doctor-parents, who has found the “remedy of life” in telling stories!

Come, let's tell those stories that need to be heard.